In Spirit

In Spirit

At Inspirit Residences, there is one guiding principle that affects everything we do, every day: Honour God in all we do. The very name of Inspirit was inspired by Philippians chapter 2 verse 2: “Make my joy complete by being like minded, having the same love, being one in spirit…” We lovingly serve God’s children who are under our care, as God wills.

Our Goal is to follow this guiding principle every day through our kind and respectful service to our residents. We encourage personal development and strive for excellence in service.

Inspirit believes in, not only empowering people, but also, enabling them to succeed. We give residents the opportunity to learn and apply new skills – to enhance the dignity, self-respect and self-worth of each individual. It all starts with kindness, first.


We are Working in their Home

The pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process. Excellence means doing our best at serving our residents. We believe every time we touch a Resident’s life, we should add value. We accomplish this by truly knowing each of our residents, understanding their needs and expectations, listening to them, and adjusting to more effectively serve them. We measure success by having residents feel they received service that surpassed their expectations and made a positive impact on their lives. After all, we are working in their home.